find shelter. grow wealth.

Workshop for First-Time Homebuyers

A light and motivating class for the first-time homebuyer

 find shelter. grow wealth. 

Lead by local Realtor® Cindy Hill and a local lender, this class will help you:

  • Avoid the Common Mistakes Made by the First-Time Homebuyer
  • Grow Your Family Wealth by at Least 20K in as Little as One Year
  • Learn Why Homeowners are 45x More Wealthy Than Renters
  • Win in Multiple-Offer Situations

You have access to the internet and the real estate apps, now you need to access a strategy, and a team. Don’t go it alone because buying a home is a complicated process, but you’ve got this, and we’ve got you. This class was designed to inform first-time homebuyers of the steps of the home buying process so you can feel confident, make informed decisions and act as an educated warrior, uh buyer!

You will discover the benefits of homeownership, meet a local lender, and find out about local grants available to first-time homebuyers.  There’s even a program for first-time buyers that offers 0% down payment!  You will also gain insight about qualifying for a mortgage and the amount you will need upfront to make an offer on a home.  Hint* It’s probably less than your rent plus deposit!  Understand earnest money, option fees, timelines.  Oh my!

The tone of the class is light, easy and motivating.  Please feel welcome to bring your partner, parent, or anyone else who will be involved in your preparation and decision making.

Class content:

  • Benefits of Homeownership
  • Building Your Team
  • How Much Can You Afford
  • Finding the Right Home
  • Avoiding Mistakes
  • Making an Offer
  • Winning Strategies
  • Option and Post-Option Periods
  • Getting to the Closing Table

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2019 Workshop Schedule and Registration

Wednesday, February 13th, 6:00-7: 00 pm       Where:   3933 Steck Ave B-110, Austin, TX  78759

Tuesday, August 20, 6:00-7:00 pm             Where: 1613 S. Capital of TX Hwy, Suite #100, Austin, TX 78746     

find shelter. grow wealth.

Hosted by Love. Austin, Texas Real Estate
Cindy Hill -JBGoodwin Realtor®

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