More About Me

find shelter. grow wealth.

I moved to Austin 16 years ago and opened a jewelry and accessories store featuring the work of local and regional jewelers, artists, and musicians and called it Love. How’s that for weird?

Austin Chronicle thought it was pretty awesome, and they awarded me the ‘Bringing Austin Back to Austin’ award. My daughters and I lived in the back of the store for the first year. I needed to make the most of that rent money. The next year we rented a house, and finally, year three afforded us the purchase of a home in South Austin. I live there still.

If you know about having children, moving to a new city, opening a new business, closing a previous business, leaving behind old friends, making new friends, starting new traditions, then you know some of my story. My daughters love to tell the story of our strolling to El Mercado from our store on S. 1st Street for lunch. Austin was, and still is a very safe city.

16 years later, I have a grandson and a granddaughter! I can’t wait to take them for a run around #TownLake, a swim at #BartonSprings, lunch at #MagnoliaCafe, shopping on #SoCo, a bike ride on the #Veloway, a show at #Zilker,  first tattoos at… Just kidding. I don’t have any tattoos; I was just checking to see if you were still reading.

Anyway, I love my city. I love the people here. I would love to help you find your place in Austin. Come on. We’ve got this!